Transform The Way Your Team Captures Competitive Intelligence

Give your team the ability to simply capture and share key competitive information with their colleagues. Securely. Stay ahead of your closest rivals.

Share Instantly

Sharify allows for Real Time sharing of captured competitive intelligence from around the world. No Delays or missing information.Quickly identify areas of opportunity

Save Money

Reduce your dependence on third party competitive intelligence companies.  Sharify leverages your team's existing access to key sources of CI.

Stay Nimble

Paying attention to what is going on around you is critical to maintain a competitive advantage.  It gives your team the ability react quickly to changing environments. 

The Versatility Of Sharify

Sharify has been used for many different applications including:
Competitive Intelligence
Provide a closed secure network for your team to capture and share valuable information about your competitors 
Idea Sharing
Share ideas across teams, functions, and countries.  A place for great ideas to grow.
Event Engagement
Drive engagement before, during and after your conferences.

What Our Users Are Saying

"Our team used the Sharify app. during a major medical congress. The app facilitated the teams collective learning experience by sharing many competitive insights."


Team Lead

Genentech, US

Change how your team shares. 
Give them a secure platform today.

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