Change how your team shares. 

Give them a secure platform today.

Make it visual

Pictures speak a thousand words. Give your team the ability to quickly capture and share pictures related to their post. 
Sharify makes it easy for you to post pictures right from your phone's camera or pick a photo that you've previously taken.

Closed network

Unlike most popular media sharing apps, Sharify can be restricted to a closed network of individuals.  This ensures that your content stays private and protected.
Sharify administrators can easily manage who gets access to the app.  Adding and removing users is quick and simple.

Moderate Content

In many situations, organizations need to control content. With the simple tick of a box, Sharify can activate its content approval system. This optional feature gives administrators the ability to accept or decline content prior to posting.
You can assign multiple reviewers for your team. If content is approved, it gets posted instantaneously. Approvals can be done on the fly using your mobile phone.


Picture Sharing 
 Post photos directly from your smart phone's camera or photo gallery. 
Closed System 
Sharify is a closed system designed to keep content private and satisfy your IT department's strict security requirements
Create an open dialogue between users. Get their reactions, ideas and questions.
GPS Location Finder 
Adding your locations is simply a click away.  Using the internal GPS locator, Sharify allows you to post your location
Content Approval System 
Assign one or more content administrators to approve or decline content prior to posting.
Back End Reports 
Understand who is engaged, who is posting, and when they post so that you can create better engagement tactics.

We Help You Launch and Engage Users

You don't just build an app an expect people to come.  We build a customized engagement campaign template that supports traction, and more efficient use.  Our campaigns support the notion of "value" to the user group. Our proven templates are extremely valuable in getting people to use Sharify on an ongoing basis.
We Provide User Engagement Through:
  • Training Videos
  • Roll-Out Email Campaigns
  • Contests
  • Content Summary Newsletters

Sharify is owned and operated by Oromo Digital Group Inc.

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